Meghan’s Story

Story and photograph provided by Joni M.

meghan2Meghan was diagnosed at five weeks old with bi-lateral retinoblastoma. Hearing the words, “Your baby has eye cancer” will bring you to your knees, if nothing else will. Meghan received eight rounds of systemic chemotherapy. By February 2013 we were at Wills Eye Hospital, we met Dr. Carol Shields and her team. We finally felt a sense of hope come back into our lives.

In her short life she has endured the eight rounds of chemotherapy, a radioactive plaque, four IAC’s in her left eye and two IAC’s in her right eye,  two surgeries for port placement and removal, seven MRI’s, dozen’s of EUA’s, laser eye surgeries, blood transfusions, blood draws, and lots of flyer miles.

Meg’s left eye was in remission for eighteen months, but on October 16, 2013 she had a recurrence, another in June 2014, another in July 2014, and another in September 2014 which had seeds. We are currently traveling to Philadelphia from North Carolina every four weeks, and are hopeful that this roller coster is on its way down.

Meghan is a very happy, busy, talkative 3 year old with a gentle soul and unbreakable spirit. She attends preschool full time. She loves dancing with her big sister, playing outside, eating “snacks” and of course M&M’s.

We are blessed with a daughter that has taught us so much in her short life and will forever know in our hearts that God is working miracles through Meghan.

When people ask me about Meghan’s doctor, all I know to say is that “she is a God send.”