Butterflies, bringing us hope.

Story & photos provided by Heather A. (Lily’s mom)
Our newest hero, Lily, shares with us the importance of “knowing the glow” and also how precious life  is.
CAM00177“Lily was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma in October 2013 and has been going through the most aggressive type of chemo there is (before radiation) until March 2014. She is in the clear as long as this last one doesn’t get any bigger and no new tumors show up in the next few years.


She was MICROmeters away from having brain cancer. That’s God sized.


She is lucky to be alive but she lost her left eye. Her prognosis is good and her remaining eye’s vision is perfect.


She was diagnosed late. We brought concerns of the glow showing up in photos to her first pediatricians. But they brushed it off every time. When we switched doctors, once they got us in (even though we called and said she was blind we still had to wait AGAIN) these doctors referred us to a specialist who diagnosed her on September 30th with retinoblastoma. We weren’t sure if she was going to live.


God speaking through Paul tells us in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” God does not give us more than we can handle.


In the meantime Lily grew incredibly smart so it is also a blessing she didn’t need radiation. She is very advanced in her speech, letter and number recognition. She sings along. She walks. She uses the toilet from time to time. She knows SO many words, concepts, sports, etc. She has conversations. So smart, 18 months old.


A butterfly as you know is a symbol for retinoblastoma and of hope.


06/02/14 we went outside to our swing set to find a swarm of butterflies playing on it. They landed on us more than the ones at the observatory!”

Below you can see the video of Lily and the butterflies. What a wonderful sign of hope and strength.